90 quattro project (Rympel 666)

  • Hi.

    I'm reading your forums for a while and I really like your projects and passion to type 81/85 cars. I'm from Poland, Wroclaw. Sorry that i'm not writing in german but i don't speak as good as i wish in your langugage (understand more in reading than can write :) ).

    I decided to show you my Typ 85 quattro (some of you maybe seen it in Kronach 2012). It's still in progress, probably one of these neverending stories. :)

    So i bought it as my second A90q five years ago and it look like this in sale offer on internet.

    Both my quattros after purchase.

    Some driving photos in winter. :)

    And something for our Audi Club Poland 2009 calendar.

    Then I started to work with mechanical parts. Every one part of original suspension was changed to ones from Audi Coupe quattro 2.8 V6 with Girling 60 brakes on front and G38 rear.
    New suspension springs Weitec -35/35 and Sachs Advantage dampers. Didn't do any photos of this parts... :/

    Original engine was KV in really poor condition so (for now) I decided to swap it for an 7A 2,3 20V engine.
    There is also new 2,75" stainless-steel exahust system with just one rear MG Motorsport silencer.

    After conversion it looked like this:

    Dyno graph of installed serial motor.

    Then it was time to take care of all body work. Here's a gallery of what's been done:

    --> Making bodywork gallery <--

    After 2,5 months it looked like this:

    Some more photos and galleries:

    --> Toruń 2011 <--

    --> Autumn <--

    Interior is recovered to original design besides Italvolanti steering wheel from audi sport 1983 package, additional volt/oil temp. indicators and new audio in serial places (rockford fosgate speakers, clarion radio). There's also new black head trim.

    Some bought and mounted parts:

    I'm working by myself with map editor, so there are some changes in ECU and engine power. (Not measured for now but it's about 190-200PS)

    Engine with mods:

    Some videos with the car from 2011 season:




    April 2012 - new rims.

    May 2012 - new rear brakes, Girling 43 + ventilated disc 270x22.

    August 2012 - electric windows, roof and some new engine parts

    Season 2013 - custom coilover kit, Rial F1 17x8J wheels, Votex design front spoiler

    October 2013 - some new photos, little session

    Greetings for all !

    More news soon. :)

  • Kann zwar hier nicht mehr mitreden.

    Aber der 90er ist schick geworden. Fahre das gleiche Lenkrad in meinem 90Q, genauso mit Holzschaltknauf (alter Schaltknauf, wo das Leder abgegangen ist wieder aufbereitet).

    Gruß Thomas


    1985er 4000 CS Quattro (JT), LY7Y (Papamobil)
    1986er 80 GT Turbo Diesel (CY), LY7U :whistling:
    1986er 80 GTE Quattro (PV), 2-Türer, LY7U
    1986er 100 CS Quattro (KU), LY7Y

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